Upgrade (Movie Review)

  --- 7.8/10 - Nearly Great - "Did someone order a B-Movie to-go?"

    This film has a great concept and it mostly executes on it. If you're tired of the giant 100 million dollar blockbuster or Star Wars or Superhero's. This film acts as a great palette cleanser. I'll start with what worked.

    The lead actor Logan Marshall-Green gives a fantastic performance. The way he keeps his physicality intact while his facial state is at times in horror, or shock, is extremely entertaining to me, and he nails it every time. He moves with a wonderful robotic-ness that threads the line of believable well. His emotional range was great as well.

    The director and cinematographer also handle the action scenes with a certain pizazz, Whether its the camera flipping, turning, spinning and following him with a nice in-human touch. I assumed it would get tiring and repetitive, but he only employs it during moments of great stress which I appreciated. Two death scenes play brilliantly with the right amount of gore which garnered a wide smile from me. Specifically the ones involving a head exploding, and another with a  knife cracking a jaw wide open. Mmm

    Now with the bad, and not so well.
  The rest of the cast was very generic. the detective, the main villain, the AI creator, all of them seem terribly casted or terribly directed. They never feel believable or sell their characters.

  The Direction and cinematography outside of the action shots seem like your typical Hollywood fare, with some basic camera work, and lighting. One chase sequence specifically fell short.

  The beginning of the film is very bad, the relationship seems forced and generic, but it picks up after a while.

  Some of the gore payoffs, were lackluster, and the final battle was  disappointing as it didn't use the interesting tools it had setup in the  film. The ending and final drama was a little lame to me.

  But! despite many shortcomings. This film is actually a really fun watch. If you go in thinking B-Movie action flick, you will come out wholly satisfied.

anthony renteriaComment