Thoroughbreds (Movie Review)

--- 8.3/10 - Great - "Get this man a budget!"

  This is a great example of what a indie gem is, its flawed, but there is a gleam to it, all it needs is to be cut and polished.

    Lets start with the good! The two lead actresses truly shine in this film, Olivia Cooke is fantastic as an emotionless vessel, and Anya Taylor-Joy delivers a great dive into her role as a wealthy but empty girl. Seeing them on screen together is a true pleasure. Anton Yelchin also has a great little role.

    Cory Finley does really well considering this is his Directorial Debut. The direction and  cinematography showed signs of a great eye, but it felt somewhat limited by budget and resources. I enjoyed the wide shots, and the constant tracking of its lead. I also enjoyed the Haziness of the image.

    I enjoyed the theme of the film and the dialogue it brought around it, but at the end I still felt it lacking. I never got the gut punch I was hoping for. The films tension is a steady build, that never reaches a climax, for me. The ending worked by all means, but it just felt like it was missing something..

    I enjoyed the music as well, as it cuts in and out of the film hectically, with the sudden sounds of drums or noises.

So in ending. The film didn't really do anything wrong, it just never surprised or shocked me, it never hit me in any way. It was just a constant goodness, wanting to slip into the greatness. Still a worthy watch, and Cory Finley is definitely a director to watch out for.

anthony renteriaComment