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--- 6.3/10 - Average -

  I thought I was going to hate this movie, but it actually wasn't that bad. It wasn't that great either. Firstly, I watched this film mainly because I love Jeremy Renner and I feel like he is severely under-casted. And this film reaffirms that for me, even though the character he plays in this film is over the top. I cant help but enjoy seeing him have a good time playing it out. The rest of the cast didn't really nail their characters for me. But they weren't to rough to watch. The film has some nice moments. I enjoyed the slow-mo monologues, but I can see how someone else could hate them. I really love the general  concept of the film, which amazingly is based on a true story. I wish  some things were played up better, like the direction and  cinematography.

  The character beats don't evolve to anything really, The emotional ties and friendship could've been more drawn out. The film has a emotional core, it just it never cracks open. It suffers from  amateur writers who essentially tell you the entire story in monologues and flashback recaps, or just in basic dialogue, which all come off as the easy/lazy way.

    I can imagine this film in more capable writers and directors hands, and how great it could've been. But for now, we got a good decent, not very deep, or emotional, with some laughs and  generally fun to watch.

P.S. The world needs more Renner. 

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