Sicario : Day Of The Soldado (Movie Review)

--- 8.5/10 - Fantastic -

   Man is this movie getting gutted by people all over the place.

   Let us begin with the painfully obvious, it's no Denis Villenvue film. It's not even operating on that caliber. With that aside its also no 'Sicario 1' film. Which I think is getting a-lot of people and rightfully so, I wanted more of that film like anyone else would, but this film is very, very different.

   For beginners we got Director Stefano Sollima at the helm & Dariusz Wolski as his cinematographer. Again no comparison to Roger Deakins, not even in the same playing field.

   But my honest opinion is that I enjoyed both of their work on this film. The framing and composition was good and confident, now yeah compared to the previous guys its shit, but come on, them compared to 99% of filmmakers is shit. None of their shots or lighting was remotely ugly or bad to look at. Some scenes I even enjoyed. They just weren't up to par to the previous guys.

   Now as much as I'm saying cut them a break, I have to admit my biggest complaint with their work here is that it feels like they were trying to replicate the look and pacing of the first Sicario which is to their loss. Constantly I was reminded of the visuals of the movie before. I wish these two men would've decided to scrap the past, and tackle this film in their own eye, Sollima & Wolski are not untalented, they are just replicating masters and unless your better then them, your going to fail.

   Now to the Story, Taylor Sheridan is back on writing duties, thankfully. And I honestly have very little to complain about when it comes to the story. I enjoy the themes he plays with in this film. I love where he takes one of these characters, and I enjoy the situations and circumstances he takes the other. I enjoy the threads he weaves between characters and the crossing paths he enacts.

   Now the complaint that most are having, I'm actually okay with, that being that this film is nothing like its predecessor, it doesn't have the tension and secrecy. It doesn't have that pulsing growth to the revelation and it doesn't have the chess pieces in place to enact those things. And I agree this film is weaker, much weaker than the first. But unlike the director trying to capture the same mood and feeling of the first. I feel like Sheridan just moved forward, only bringing the two leads with him. The first movie almost lives completely independent from this one.

   This film is going for something different, weaker in comparison but different. It's a much more political film, a much more morally inclined film, and a film that tackles themes of cycles, and violence begetting violence. And I enjoyed all those things. and depending where you stand on those will determine your enjoyment of the film.

   I loved Bencio Del Toro and Josh Brolin. Both of their characters had a lot to play around with, and they deliver. I could watch these two guys for days playing these characters. I thought the music was too reminiscent of the first score and added very little in themes.

   So in ending,

   This film is lead by two brilliant actors, Del Toro and Brolin. The script by Sheridan is great and tackles different subject matter than the first. Though it pales in direct comparison to the first. The Director and Cinematographer make the mistake of trying to replicate the first films look and visuals to their own loss.

   This film had big shoes to fill, and half of this film decides to ditch them, while the other tries to force them on. I truly believe this could have been amazing without the strings of its predecessor. But even so, I enjoyed this film a great deal. If you like Political or morally charged films, I think you'll enjoy it for what it is. If not. well.

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