Ready Player One (Movie Review)

--- 6.2/10 - Average -

   For as much as I want to say I didn't like this movie, it was still a fun ride, for the most part..

   I actually saw this in 35mm film which was interesting, especially with the film basically being 60 percent CGI. Even with that aspect, I have to admit this is the ugliest Spielberg film I have seen thus far. There wasn't a single shot in this film that moved me, or stayed with me, or even looked remotely great to me. There is of course a handful of cool action sequences, but they are just that, cool action sequences. Some of them just blur into a mess of references and explosions. They are never confusing but they land without any real impact. On the other hand there is some surprising locations and characters in some sequences that made me giddy.

   The Plot of this film is weak, and the screenplay is at times awful, with character development and themes never becoming what they are hinted at. Even worse is the dialogue of this movie, at one moment a character says. "Only a true gamer knows a hater" What the fuck? Even worse was a scene where a character is implied to have a defect and the revelation of that is just.. trivial. Truly one of the cheesiest and forced screenplays of the year.

   The actors add nothing, but then again they are given very little. The score at times sounds good, but it never stuck to me. The villain is generic.

   So in ending, as you can tell the film is mostly sub-par, with only a few things making it decent, certain cameos, and sequences, but for the most part the film is a disappointment, and just begs the question. Why was this film even made? and why the hell did Spielberg make such a bland film out of it??

anthony renteriaComment