Ocean's Eight (Movie Review)

--- 7/10 - Good -

  This film was just a breeze. It moves at a comfortable and relaxing pace. The cast is very entertaining to watch, though I don't feel like  any are being challenged per se. They are all suave and extremely well dressed. Speaking of which, if you enjoy fashion I think you would specifically like some of the costume designs. The plot though generic in some ways, is original in its feminity, no men, no egos fucking up plans. These women are concise and exucte with a perfect precision which is interesting to see unfold.

    But, I will admit I entered this film wanting something a little more bombastic. I awaited the moment when 'shit hits the fan'. A moment where these genius characters have to make split decisions that throw the plans into chaos. And it never came. For me, there was a lack of danger, a lack of threat, and a general lack of failure. And it seems intentional. There is no violence, or  backstabbing or chaos, and in a way maybe that's reserved for the men, with egos and malicious intent. But I can't help thinking how interesting these characters dealing with chaos would've been.

  The score is good, the direction is adequate though flat at times. The cinematography is fine, and the editing didn't land for me, with the card flipping and TV like transitions.

  In ending. Ocean's 8 isn't the big heist I wanted but it is an enjoyable time, and different with  its feminity, it's own thing, very relaxed and breezy and precise. Don't go in thinking bombastic, but Sauvé.

anthony renteriaComment