Love per Square Foot (Movie Review)

--- 7.4/10 - Good -

   Finally got around to seeing my first Netflix original! This is also my first Indian film. So for starters I like most of what I saw.

   Firstly, I love how the dialogue in the film snaps from Hindi to English in just a blink of an eye, with a very smooth and natural transition. I know its a weird thing to note, but it just adds a confidence and a nice playground for the actors to switch tones and meanings. It never felt like the movie was 'trying' to get English in just for that audience. Most of the film is in fact in Hindi. Talking about the language, the culture at display was a very cool thing to see. I get a huge kick at seeing other cultures and environments and this film showcased a good amount of it.

   The two leads are fantastic as well Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar. They are just fun to see, and they radiate with their bright and bubbly persona's. They seemingly infect the entire movie with their breezy performance. Though the film doesn't really push any boundaries in the visual, or really in a deep narrative, or audio front, The two leads in the lime light is just a joy to watch.

   There is of course a few songs here and they weren't as loud or bombastic as I expected them to be. But then again this is a smaller Rom-Com then the huge Bollywood fare, that I have yet to experience either.

   So in ending, This is a very pleasant, simple and fun Indian Rom-Com, with two leads that shine with their chemistry. If your into any of those things I think you will enjoy.

anthony renteriaComment