Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Movie Review)

  --- 1.9/10 - Putrid -

  I just want to say one thing before I shit talk this movie.
  J.A.  Bayona - The Director, & Oscar Faura - The Cinematographer, Truly made some beautiful shots and compositions here. There were a handful of times where I was just impressed by the attention to the framing, especially with its enlarged aspect ratio of 2.39:1, Which looked  stunning on the big screen.

  Now that is literally the only positive I have about this film.

  This is by far, the stupidest movie I have seen this year. Its like the writers (Derek Connolly & Colin Trevorrow) read a "how to write a screenplay" book, slapped dinosaurs on top of it and called it a day. The Story is just a filler for the inevitable third film. It has a-lot in common with transformers actually. A stupid story that tries oh so hard to be oh so serious, with oh no, weaponized Dino's, and oh no forced emotional stakes, and cliched villain's, with obvious plot  twists, and some twists with no payoffs, cause just wait for the sequel. The thing that just offended me was just how stupid every 'tense' moment was especially with Bayona trying to do call back shots to the OG JP. And wow did they feel out of place, forced and just stupid.

    This film is the prime example of a movie studio shoving their idiotic idea's down your throat, or worse untalented people shoving their ideas down your throat. I don't know which, and it probably doesn't matter, because they are both ultimately shit.

  Oh yeah, Dino fights were garbage too. I didn't even like Giacchino's score, which is rare for me.

  Also side note. My in theater experience was awful and probably added to my distaste of this film, with old ladies checking their phones and  brats running up and down the stairs laughing the entire time. I still blame the film because it was entirely boring.

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