Incredibles 2 (Movie Review)

 --- 8.8/10 - Fantastic -

  Pixar's latest sequel does a lot right and a lot, all-right?

  This film is just a blast to watch, first and foremost the action and set pieces in this film are just a joy to watch. The way Brad Bird choreographs the fight scenes is fantastic and kinetic. I mean, even Jack-Jack has a elongated fight sequence! It reminded me of his work done on Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol. The use of powers was also inventive and cool to see.

    Of course the stand out is Jack-Jack with his seemingly random powers. Elasti-Girl is also blast to see, and some sequences with her using her powers were really interesting to watch.

    The Other fantastic thing about this film is the gorgeous visuals. Man, does Pixar know how to animate, everything just leaps off the screen. It is truly one of the most beautiful animated films. The score by the  amazing Michael Giacchino is just, phenomenal. That man created a score that is just hypnotizing, energetic, and thematically astounding. Damn!

    The rest of the family is great too, including a diner scene with violet that made me crack up.

  But now into the not so great.

  The father and mother dynamic could've been pushed more. It felt so light. Also some of the side characters seemed weird for the sole purpose of being weird.. interesting choice of powers though. And the greatest weakness of this film is of course, the Villain and in a way the plot..
The villain is so predictable and obvious it feels like a scam. I was waiting for a big emotional moment, but nothing happened, it was just simple, and kinda dumb. Which in turn made the general plot line and story beats feel awfully generic and cliche,. Every turn of the film, though fun, never felt any bigger than what it could be. Maybe I'm asking too much for a kids film, but this man has made heavier films  in his past so I know he has the talent and creativity to pull it off.

    In ending, its a beautiful, energetic, and musically stunning sequel. I cant imagine anyone not having a good time with this film. It adds another star to Pixar's star studded history. Though in a way, it  doesn't do what some of Pixar's best work is known for, to simply Astound.

anthony renteriaComment