I Am Not An Easy Man (Movie Review)

--- 8/10 - Great -

Man, where do I start with this movie? I've read so many reviews truly hating this film, but the perspective I got from it, is way different from what the majority are seeing this film as, but before I get to that, let me say what most people do agree with on this film.

The Direction and Cinematography isn't this films strongest suit, it looks awfully digital at times. The lighting is simple and basic, and the shot design never inspires or transcends the simple shot-reverse shot, and the base line medium shots that plague most generic films. The editing as well is average. The music at times had some flourishes but those moment were few and far apart. There is a rendition of a "Angus & Julia Stone" song which I actually liked.

Now on to the real meat of this film. The Theme and Subject matter. Most people are blasting this film for its one note nature, 'In a world where men are the 'women' of society'.

So not surprisingly men are blasting this film for its 'stupidity' and the way it 'idiotically' tackles this idea.

And surprisingly, women are also blasting this film for showing highly stereotypical traits that society has put onto women, and for the film basically saying that a strong women has to essentially become a man.

And Some of those ideas are correct, but here is the problem, people are watching this film in a feminist or non-feminist light. And that is incorrect, this film isn't trying to prove femininity, or masculinity, its proving how fucking ridiculous WE ALL ARE for believing in gender roles and abiding by them. The film is a parody of us and our society. Its a parody of the very idea of femininity and masculinity, we currently live in a society of titles, "this is that and that is this" but now we are growing as a society of "why is this, this, or why is that, that" and that's fucking good, because most of the shit we believe in is fucking idiotic. That's why this movie at times is idiotic and stupid because we are, its a reflection. We are all unique yet, we live in a world where we have to self-identify as something for someone. Who gives a fuck about titles, I am me, as you are you and that's beautiful. Now I'm not saying this movie is ingenious or anything, It has flaws, a lot of them.

For example, the film at times has cheesy lines, and very obvious stereotypes that feel forced. The lead actor doesn't truly evolve or at least I didn't believe it.

But there's also some great stuff, I for one loved the costume designs, on the women especially, but the men as well. I loved the wide shots with the background littered with people representing the split reality. I loved seeing guys being picked on and abused, I loved the performances that all the supporting actors and actresses gave, they all sold their roles without becoming over dramatic, and forced. And the relationship with the lead actor and actress was fantastic, the lead actress is just magnetic on screen, and she rocks her look so well and she just looks so fucking cool all the damn time its intoxicating. I loved the small things, like her always walking around shirtless and bra-less. I loved the small world-building things littered across. And I especially love the ending, it really snapped me out and made me think. fuck. It gave me a different perspective on gender roles.

So in ending,

This film has flaws and I agree that if it had more creative visuals or a more refined script, or better ways to showcase the gender flip, that it would become an amazing film, but that's ignoring that this film has some great qualities.

I think if you watch it instead of a Rom-com about men and women, but a Rom-com about the stupidity of gender roles, then you might like it. Oh, and it's in French which for me is a big plus.

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