Hostiles - (Movie Review)

  --- 6.2/10 - Average -

    I truly believe there is a great film here. But almost all of its key emotional moments fall so flat it is almost astounding. Rosamound Pike delivers a cringe worthy performance. I seriously cringed during one scene where she screams.. To be honest, her performance was the worst  thing about this film, and the problem I believe is not the actresses but the director. Almost every actor on screen delivers scenes that should make you feel sorrow but instead makes you question, why is this so unrealistic.

    Almost no one is sparred, besides of course bale, he is actually fantastic in this film. He somehow manages to keep his  character grounded and solid. Also, Jesse Plemons is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He has a very small role, but he has such a great presence on screen and delivers a scene wonderfully. The best part of the film is of course the cinematography, truly showcasing America's open lands is never tiring to see, and the cinematographer sets up wide shots that are breathtaking. Lighting is handled just as well. Sets and costumes are flawless.

    The other major thing is the writing, if I were to tell you the events that occurred in this film, you would say holy shit that sounds intense, but again the director/Writer Scott Cooper really over writes most of the monologue and dramatic moments. This film was ripe to be more focused. The themes of death, murder, racism are poignant and ready for the taking but most of the  time the writing is trying to shove it down your throat via monologue and spoken sentiments.

    I guess the last thing I will say is that the  beginning of the film perfectly sets the mood for the rest. It's not as  sickening as it could or should be.. But If you happen to like the first ten minutes of this film. I reckon you might enjoy the rest of it a decent amount like I did.

anthony renteriaComment