Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

--- 7.5/10 - Solid -

   So, I totally wasn't expecting to enjoy this movie. It's my first foray into the Hotel Transylvania series and honestly I might go back and watch the previous two.

   The Director and Co-writer Genndy Tartakovsky (Who also helmed the first two entries) creates a very pleasing to watch PG family film. At first I disliked the animation style, everything seemed so soft and rounded off, but after a few scenes and moments I grew to enjoy it. It makes sense since the films primary concern is its younger audience. And trust me there is a-lot for the younger audience here. Some scenes and sequences are shot with a snapping and yelling a almost 'ADHD' like mentality. It was never annoying, to me at least, but there was a scene or two that push it right to the edge, but it somehow chills out before it crosses the line.

   I enjoyed how over the top almost everything is in this film. The characters and monster all move and react in ways that are seemingly turned to 11 and they don't follow any real laws of gravity or physics. I was at times surprised at some of the physical violence portrayed in the film. Its never grotesque or graphic but it was very reminiscent of older cartoons, like Tom & Jerry and Popeye. And some sequences of just pure fun even made me grin and giddy like a kid. It was almost like a child animated this freely for maximum impact.

   But those scenes for me weren't where the film shines, it shines in its quieter moments, I don't mean emotionally, though there is some moments of heart. I mean quieter as in not being bombastic and flashy. There is some visually striking locations that this cruise embarks on and the creatures and designs of said things are really interesting. I am so use to PG family films taking the easy road and serving you the generic design, But most things here were unique and had creative twists. The art team and creature designers definitely deserve some praise.

   Now, I do wish the emotional core of this film was more hefty or given more time to develop. Like most PG films, it nudges emotion and character, but never pushes on it. Not all the jokes landed for me, as most are intended for children. I wish the film was a little more patient, and turned down a notch editing wise. The score was your typical fare. and the voice acting took some time to get use too. I typically hate hearing pop songs and then seeing a random dance segment, but these characters move so unnaturally that it didn't feel off or forced, especially when you have death defying moments tucked in with them.

   So in ending,

   This film was pretty damn satisfying for my inner kid heart, There were many moments of smirking and smiling, I laughed at some of the more ridiculous sequences. The film is fantastically over the top and it knows it, most things are turned up to 11, and it even treats you to some striking visuals of vistas and creatures. What it lacks in depth, it supports with gags and style.

   I recommend for any fan of kid flicks, and family animation, and if your looking for something light and brief.

anthony renteriaComment