Game Over, Man (Movie Review)

--- 0/10 - Horrid -

   Why did I watch this movie?

   That is the question that rattled in my head after experiencing this terrible film.

   I watched it because I love workaholics, and nearly all the same people who worked on that show worked on this. It’s pretty devasting as a fan of these creator’s work. This is truly a horrid film.

Let me run through the big issues and i'll bounce.

   The directing & cinematography in this film is by far some of the worst, uninspired work I have seen displayed in film. It is across the board lazy, typical, and generic.

   The acting in this film even with generally funny guys, feels so amateur. I don’t think I have seen a film with worse performances in my life.

   The score is barely worth mentioning.

   But where this film truly excels in waste, is in its script. This is the worst script of 2018. By far the worst script I have ever seen put to screen. There is no salvation here in quality. It’s awful, in its plot, in its dialogue, in its action, in its comedy, in its existence.

   So in ending,

   This film is a waste of time, and I hardly ever say that with no remorse. I am a believer in watching bad films to learn from them. I even say to myself “screw the reviews or critics I might like it let me give it a chance”. Let this please be a warning. Don’t watch this movie. Your love for workaholics or for anything in life, will not make this enjoyable. I hate to sound so mean towards creators that have made me laugh so many times. But this is just horrible.

anthony renteriaComment