Batman Ninja (Movie Review)

 --- 7/10 - Good -

DISCLAIMER - If you do not like anime, or things remotely Japanese you will probably hate this film.

    So imagine Batman + Anime + Feudal Japan, okay so close your eyes and  picture that, picture the wackiness, the craziness, the amount of no  sense it makes. Got it? Now multiply that by 20.

This movie is  Bat-shit. Just fucking crazy. Literally 5 times in this film I said  out-loud, "okay, it can't get weirder than this there is nothing more  ridiculous they could poss-" This is probably the most Japanese thing I have ever seen, I guess it comes off stronger when it's portraying  American Characters but shit this is full craziness.

    So with that out the way, if you think you can set all logical thinking aside, yes literally all logical thinking including but not limited to Gravity, Time, Bats, Buildings, Monkeys, Ninjas and Giant Mech's

    If you can do that, then maybe just maybe, will this film rock your socks.

    Let's start with the good. I fucking love the animation done here, the backdrops are gorgeous, the 3D cell shading is great to look, the colors  pop, and the designs are bonkers. Visuals are the best part of this film. Twice in this film I was taken back and thought wow this is fucking gorgeous. The fight scenes are cool and fun to watch though a little to hectic and confusing to follow, it still delivers a satisfying sensation of speed and impact. The way the film approaches 'in world' graphs, props, and maps was really entertaining to me. I generally liked the costumes and designs of all the characters, besides Robin.. he looked rough...

    I watched it in Japanese, I don't even want to know what the English cut will sound like, as I said above, it's Japanese as shit. The performances were all good, with a stand out of course being the joker.

  And now the bad. The story is very slim and non-essential. There is no real growth or theme or substance carrying this film across, it feels like the story is just backstage for the big set pieces for which there are many. But, one scene specifically, I'll call it 'the farmer scene' blew my fucking mind. Not only visually, which was just a gorgeous simple penciled look that just made me want  bask in it. and the way the camera flowed in and out of perspectives,  the composition of it, the visual thread of it was just so fucking spot  on, one of the best visually shot scenes of the year. but also the emotion behind it was actually surprising as well, and the performances were just flawless. With that being said, that scene doesn't really make sense or flow well with the film, but it did spark a desire as to why they didn't take this film a little more seriously, add more weight,  more emotion, more character growth and themes and it could've been groundbreaking.

    In the end this film is just a big-batman-anime-Japanese crazy mess of a film that really shines  visually. Watch it for the Bat-shit stuff, don't think, at all, and you'll have fun.

anthony renteriaComment