Ant-Man and The Wasp (Movie Review)

--- 5.3/10 - Alright -

   So, I admit I gave the first Ant-man a lot of shit, most of it warranted, but the other half because of the whole Edgar Wright debacle. But with three years to work with and a bigger budget and more resources, I thought okay, now Mr. Peyton Reed can direct his true Ant-Man movie.

   And what the fuck. What a bore, what an average forgettable, uninspiring film.

   I just want to start from the top down.

   Obviously, all of this falls down to two things, the writing and directing. The writing, shared by 5 screenwriters is so generic and forced, I'm ashamed for all five of those writers. The entire plot of this film feels so inconsequential. They try to add elements and characters to spice things up, but all it does is muddy the waters even more with every character with different goals, all of which are just meaningless and uneventful. You got villains, literally two major ones that are just so boring and generic that I don't understand how it was green lit, you literally have Walter Goggins being Walter Goggins, AGAIN. I thought they had pulled him straight from the tomb raider film earlier this year. and then the one hope of ghost being a badass villain, is ruined very quickly with a terrible thread that wraps up in seriously seconds towards the end.

   Well, what about Hope? I mean she's more interesting than the one-note Paul Rudd but she's still not the center because there are so many fucking weak threads flapping around this film. You got Hank Pym and.. look I don't even care to explain more because at the end of this film nothing changes. The story sucks okay, it's not terrible, its just every element is so elementary and basic and generic and forced. These 'writers' define the problem of shitty Hollywood fare. Truly they do.

   Now to the other major problem, Peyton Reed. His shot designs are pulled straight from early 00's comedy flicks, seriously if you were to replace his name with Judd Apatow, I wouldn't bat an eye. All the scenes of improv or comedy are shot so lazily to maximize the amount of jokes to get in, you know the mid shot singles that plague shitty American comedies. Talking about comedy, this film is not funny, even the audience I was with was awkwardly silent and some half chuckles here and there. What a fucking contrast to Infinity War that had more comedy than this film. Even the action feels off, there was never a moment of any tension for me. The choreography was so lackluster considering the abilities you can play with, I mean they seriously give one of the most creative superheroes to a creatively handicapped ass-hat? Why??

   Look, There was some good scenes, some sequences of small and big, but the fact is none of it had any charm, the train fight from the first film was more enjoyable than this entire film. I watched this film yesterday and I'm having trouble remembering the action sequences to even talk about them. The editing I felt was at fault a-lot of the time as well. The way it cut from sequence to sequence dropped any carryover suspense or weight. It was just a bore.

   So, I'm already tired of writing about this movie, I'll just say the rest of the bad, The score was annoying, especially during the Rudd shrinking to a kid size, which looked awful and wasn't funny or entertaining. The cast gave a terrible performance, but I blame Reed for his direction on that. The cinematography was flat as hell, the cinematography in the first flick was better. The ending is also uneventful.

  So in ending,

   This film is just a mash of generic, forced & lazy attempts to create a bigger, better, funnier film. Apparently hiring 5 shitty writers, giving them a gigantic budget with nearly unlimited resources doesn't produce gold. Especially when the man in charge is as creative as a piece of white bread.

I think he'd be a great candidate for Jurassic World 3 though :D

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