UnderWorld: Blood Wars Review

Underworld: Omber

Okay, So your a fan of the Underworld series and your wondering "Is this another wonderful addition to the already stellar franchise"

... I'm Actually curious to know who is looking forward to this and who even considers this franchise a fitting one to continue? or to even exist.. Now I'll be honest and haven't dabbled with all the underworld films. Just the 03' original and the 06' sequel "Evolution" and I kinda called it quits after that, and don't bother checking out the other films the 09' prequel "Rise of the Lycans" and the 12' "Awakeing" as the response to those films are even worse than the first two.

Now on to the blood sucking of enjoyment that is Underworld: Blood Wars

So I know what your thinking, there's gotta be something decent about this flick, I mean hot chicks, Vamps, Werewolves, Guns, Swords, Blood, Guts!, Horrible CGI!! and ACTION! YEAH!

Okay, so first, hot chicks?

look there is attractive women in this film but I'm not a big fan of rating women's appearances for fun, but this isn't some super vamp sexy thing if that's what your looking for. Actually not sure if they tried to get that vibe or not but I didn't feel it soooo..  plus or negative based on your vamp fetish level lol

And the vamps?!

These vamps are your typical emo/goth leather wearing dudes&dudets, honestly the costume design for the vamps were pretty weak, it looked like the costume designer took a field trip to my old high school and just picked random emo kids and gave them a fake gun and BAM! Vamp!

Werewolves!! Those were cool right?! like the transformation scenes must of been gnarly right?!

No. Probably some of the worst wolf transformation I've ever seen, a horrible mix of cheap looking CGI and a odd mix of costumes that are used rarely. I mean there was seriously a scene with the wolves running away and I could bet money that the animations were copied and pasted and multiplied by like 7 to increase the amount of on-screen wolves.

Guns! What about the damn GUNS!?

Okay this is a serious question WTF are these people shooting at and how come they can barely shoot anything? There was seriously a scene with a lead character shooting a turret with two baddies and after 15 seconds and about three clips he shoots nothing in that frame.. hands down some of the worst shoot out scenes I've ever seen.

Sword play was choreographed well though? right?

*sigh* the only thing worse than the gun-play was this.

Blood&Guts come onnnn!

do you like CGI blood and guts? This one actually doesn't make sense. Out of all the things i hoped for i though surely some gruesome deaths will be in store. wrong. The deaths were all just quick cuts and heavy CG that just took any joy from the deaths. It was all weightless nd visually boring.


There is CGI everywhere! So if your learning beginner level CGI work this actually might interest you, especially if your trying to master some copy and paste animation work, or just the art of mediocrity

AND finally, The action.

It was just in general, confusingly edited and shot, it was like a TV movie's level of action But the worst kind of TV movie action. Incoherent and sloppy.

So... Was there anything good from this movie?

...... Actually no. There is no one thing that I can point out that I enjoyed or thought that was entertaining.

3/10-  Bad (Not worth your time)

Another terrible addition into the anals of bad films and bad film franchise's Underworld: Blood Wars continues It's legacy to disappoint in literally every aspect & to remind us that there is people that swear someone wants more of these.

Are you a fan of the underworld series? speak up in the comments!

P.S I know I'm grammatically challenged so any corrections brought up is welcomed Thanks!

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