Pixels Review

Directed by: Chris Columbus

Written by: Timothy Downling &   Tim Herlihy

Pixels gave birth as a short film directed by Patrick jean -> link with the same name.  

Its a pretty short affair a little over two minutes. No big plot or characters almost a concept video of sorts. And than enter Happy Madison... 

So how bad is the movie?! Is the only question I've been asked after seeing this atrocity.. 

And.. Its pretty damn bad.. 

I would never pay money again to see this film. And I doubt I'd watch it even if it was free..  


So first thing first the writing is horrible. Its not funny. Ever. I honestly didn't laugh a single time nor did the audience I was with laugh. Adam Sandler and company keep digging themselves into this hole of unfunny with every continuing film they make. Its like an incurable disease that is just spreading throughout their films. The jokes are typical Happy Madison affair. Sexist/stupid/loud/annoying/sexual/fart-toilet humor and more.  

One character who's name I cant even remember played by... Josh Gad. Literally resolves to screaming every joke he can. Paul Blart I mean... Kevin James. Is the president of the united states... I don't need to say anything else. Adam Sandler somehow still his best friend and gamer? Not gamer?! Definitely not gamer.. Is annoying and pathetic. And of course like every film in the Happy Madison filmography he gets a beautiful young lady as a love interest.. Seriously?!  

 And Peter Dinklage gives the worst performance I've seen this year. Maybe my life.. Its definitely in the top five.. Its that bad. He's annoying and his attitude seems fake and forced through.. So writing and acting sucked.. 

 What about the director?!  

 Well he didn't commit any obvious atrocities with the actual filming of the movie. Its just... Bland and typical wana be bay spectacle. But never really has a scene of spectacle..  

 So everything sucks. Point blank. But..  actually enjoyed one thing from this film.. 


The CGI by :  Digital Domain


The digital voxel/pixels attacking the world were really nice to look at. And literally the only reason I sat through the entirety of the movie. It was nice and unique. The pixels destroying everything into pixels was awesome. My favorite scene being the centipede fight where one leaks into the city and runs rampant. But of course its short lived. There's not enough movies using CGI as a artistic style instead of a replacement for something real. Imagine more films with CGI with an obvious art style instead of just photorealism. It would be nice I think.. 


The only other thing Id like to mention is i really liked the idea of the kids playing at a arcade and having a tournament in the start of the film. It had a nice retro feel. And I could see a nice film encircled with a arcade tournament. But like everything else in the film it was washed out and stupidly made. 


So in final.. 





3/10- bad

Pixels is a new low for the happy Madison collection of crap. Stupidly acted. Stupidly written. Boringly directed. Overall a waste of time. But.. The CGI really appealed to me. The voxel/pixel CGI was great to look at! And greatly done. A shame that a turd was the core of it all. I'm still hoping that one day Sandler will give us one final good laugh..  


anthony renteriaComment