2016 Year Resolutions Re-cap

1. 9 min 1 mile & 1/2 run

-- Complete failure on this one, I believe my fastest mile & 1/2 so far is around 11:10.. I do run at least twice a week now. 30min runs i usually cover 3miles in that time frame too.

2. 100 Push-ups/Sit-Ups

--Another failure. My max Pushups are at 63 and max sit-ups about 67. Now a big point in this one that isn't mentioned is being able to do them without resting. (not leaving the pushup position, or laying on back for more than 10 seconds). I have started to do 50 pushups and situps every morning, and plan to increase that number weekly.

3. Produce 1 Short Film

-- Fail.. I started producing a couple projects early in the year but many of them didn't get finished or I had to drop out of that role. Honestly producing isn't very fun to me anyway.. But I am currently producing one project now.

5. Record 1 EP (at least 6 songs)

-- I started on working on a EP early on in the year as well but I had trouble learning a DAW (DIgital Audio Workstation) and essentially gave up overtime.. I do plan to return to this later..

6. Direct 1 Short Film

-- I Never got around to this one which is depressing.. No excuses.

7. Write 1 Short Story Collection

-- SUCCESS!! SUCCESS!! I Actually did write a short story collection! Though it did start as a daily writing challenge some of the stories got so big in my head that I had to collect them. I will be spilling more news on what/ when this collection will release :) Oh, and its literally the first personal project I've ever finished.

8. Write out & Sketch 1 Book of a Manga/Comic/Graphic Novel

-- I have the story beats mapped? Still fail..

9. Create 1 Animation

-- Fail

10. Begin coding & designing 1 Video-game

-- Fail

11. Learn how to play 1 instrument well


12. Read at least 12 novels/ graphic novels

-- I almost got this one, read about 7 novels.. but still fail.

13. Write at least 25 reviews

-- I didn't even write a single one.. jeez..

14. Enroll in school, take at least 1 course.

-- HA.. fail

15. Learn Japanese

-- Nothing I haven't already learned..

16. Don't give up please..

-- Meh.. I'll let ya'll be the judge of that.. :/

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