New Year Goals 2014

Gosh, its been forever since I wrote on this thing. Now naturally I could type my random crap of nonsense on any number of the now massive (and infinitely growing) number of social networks or blogs or whatever, but I like this one a good bit, mainly cause it has the word “word”… Seriously thats the only reason.. Haha, I like it cause its separate from the most typical and popular networks, and I made it forever ago, and this site tends to focus on peoples words. Their might be better blog sites I have no idea about, so feel free to shout suggestions.
That I never even mentioned..
Goals for the new year! I’ll make a list of 15 plain and simple, (btw im addicted to making list) goals I have.

1. Start a frequently updated blog.
2. Finish “ruby” a short story.
3. Finish “regret” a short story.
4. Finish “blaze” a short story.
5. Finish a draft of either novel. change, Marco, insane, or strange.
6. draft a screenplay of “the best movie ever”.
7. Finish a Ep or album.
8. Release one full song.
9. Start learning Japanese.
10. Improve my spanish.
11. Start learning how to animate and write out a season of a series.
12. Start learning how to code and program games and flesh out core story and game play elements for one.
13. Begin playing various instruments, guitar, piano, drums.
14. Obtain a camera and begin learning how to direct and edit film.
15. Quit smoking cigarettes.

That’s my 15 at the end of the year I’ll review them and probably hate myself for being a failure! Or not, who knows. What are your goals?