My First Blog...

So I’m sitting here typing this, thinking, What should my first blog be about? A political issue? An economic crisis? A disorder or some health related topic? A foreign country’s dilemmas, or our owns?  Or something less serious like a video-game I’m dying to get my hands on? A new song i would like to share? A book that simply fascinated me? A movie that moved and inspired me? An artist that motivates me? Or how about a photograph or short video that i captured? Or a piece of my own writings or better yet, how about a blog about the girl that I’m simply and completely in love with?

But i realize now, my first blog isn’t about any of the above. It’s about my thoughts and what’s to come, a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel that I’m in. Hopefully you’ll join me, if not.. well.. Oh well.