Attempting to attempt to write more...

Hello again visitors, its been awhile since I last posted something. I have yet to finish a review of the game’s that I promised
(Far Cry 1 & Doom & Destiny, being busy and procrastinating is somewhat of a bitch.

I have completely and absolutely rekindled my passion for films as I have seen numerous films, and I have began to read more so I will be doing reviews on what I watch and read very soon, the reviews wont necessarily be typical reviews but more or less a discussion and dissection of said material. I’m hoping it helps me critically think about what I see and read and thus make me understand the art form better and hopefully improve my writings.

I recently finished my first ever complete screenplay, a small 3 page affair called “Heat” I have a close friend working on getting that into production. It was a great learning experience. I recently got asked to write another screenplay from a friend of mine, but I’ve been having a horrid writing block that has me feeling somewhat discouraged I’m hoping the analysis I do of material will help me out a little and inspire me.

Currently I’m reading This Side Of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons and The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

I’m going to get some new movies to plow through soon as well.

Thanks for checking this out and please leave a comment

-Anthony Renteria