2014 Year Goals Re-Cap

Hello! No new review yet! :(

BUT here is my new year goal list for last year so i decided to recap what i did and didn’t do

1. Start a frequently updated blog. :(

(So this one I basically haven’t accomplished, I’ve only written like three pieces since this original post and they haven’t been anything substantial… but i really love gaming and film journalism so hopefully i focus more on this.)

2. Finish “ruby” a short story. :(

(So I have finished a first draft on this one but its nowhere near where i want it to be so I’m going to give myself a frowny face for this)

3. Finish “regret” a short story. :(

(I dont even have a rough draft of this one)

4. Finish “blaze” a short story. :(

(I have a first draft of this but yeah nowhere close to being finished which is sad cause this is my favorite story of these here)

5. Finish a draft of either novel. change, Marco, insane, or strange. :(

(Yeah nowhere near close to even making a draft of either of these)

6. draft a screenplay of “the best movie ever”. :(

(This one is a loooonnng way out from happening)

7. Finish a Ep or album. :(

(I have a computer and some music software so this one is a little closer to being a reality but still… A fail.)

8. Release one full song. :'(

(This one is embarrassing because it could’ve and should’ve been done so long ago)

9. Start learning Japanese. :”(

(I started studying at the beginning of the year but it dropped off… So FROWNY!)

10. Improve my spanish. :)

(Yay! I actually improved my Spanish significantly! Reading, listening and experiencing entertainment helped alot! Go me!)

11. Start learning how to animate and write out a season of a series. :(

(I haven’t started animating but i do know a basic plot for an animated series ^__^)

12. Start learning how to code and program games and flesh out core story and game play elements for one. :(

(I haven’t learned how to code but! I do have a core story and tons of gameplay elements for multiple games figured out)

13. Begin playing various instruments, guitar, piano, drums. :(

(I haven’t touched an instrument at all)

14. Obtain a camera and begin learning how to direct and edit film. :)

(ANOTHER SMILE! I got a camera and have been practicing a good bit!)

15. Quit smoking cigarettes. :’)

(This was hard… But I quit completely!!)

So there you go! I’m a failure :'(

But this year has been amazing for other reasons! I got married with the girl of my dreams, joined the worlds greatest air force, fully realized what I want and exactly how I will accomplish it. I found myself in a way, which is something you can simply check off a list. 3 out of 15 isn’t so bad thinking back, I’ll be posting a new goal list soon! And reviews! I promise!!!